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Guests can now explore the underwater world of the Living Reef at Daydream Island Resort and Living Reef with the launch of a new guided snorkelling experience led by the resort’s resident marine biologists.

Providing an immersive look into local marine life, the new guided snorkelling experience takes place in the underwater wonderland of the resort’s largest and deepest lagoon where visitors can get up close and personal with a vast array of rays, fish and invertebrates while learning about the importance of reef conservation.

According to Living Reef Manager, Amelia Keynes, the new snorkelling experience allows her and the team to share their knowledge and passion for the ocean while helping guests to develop a deeper level of understanding of the ocean.

“Our new guided snorkelling experience is an incredible way to learn all about a typical reef system and the Great Barrier Reef while swimming in the clear calm waters of the Living Reef and witnessing the incredible range of marine life found in our local waters,” Amelia said.

Committed to educating guests about the threats to the Great Barrier Reef and the importance of preserving its marine life, the guided snorkelling experience is just one of the many experiences available at Daydream Island Resort. As a ‘Reef Ranger’, guests can join one of the resident marine biologists for a behind-the-scenes look at the Living Reef as well as participating in a guided fish feeding and Stingray Splash.

A fascinating focal point for young and old, the Living Reef is one of Australia’s most unique reef experiences consisting of a free-form coral lagoon that wraps 200m around the resort’s central building. A generous 200m in length and holding over 1.5 million litres of water, it features over 100 species of marine fish, rays, coral and invertebrates such as starfish, sea cucumbers and crabs. 

In addition, the Underwater Observatory is a tranquil viewing space four metres underground where visitors can watch marine life going about their day while the Education Centre boasts eight living displays showcasing various habitats from mangroves to corals and boasts an interactive touch pool.

As the Living Reef Manager, Amelia also manages the Lovers Cove Reef Restoration Project, an ongoing project designed to help restore the Great Barrier Reef to its former glory. The project consists of Amelia and her team taking coral fragments and growing them onsite before replanting them at Lovers Cove which is one of the main ways that Daydream is trying to restore the surrounding coral habitat. 

Located in the heart of the Whitsundays, Daydream Island Resort and Living Reef is committed to doing what it can to protect the reef. It is the only island in the Whitsundays to be awarded with ECOTOURISM certification from Eco Tourism Australia following the island’s commitment to continuous improvement and initiatives to combat environmental impacts within the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. 

The Living Reef Guided Snorkel Experience is available for $130 per person (must be a competent swimmer and minimum age is 10 years old) while the Reef Rangers experience is $100 per person (minimum age 6 years old.

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